Web Development

Portfolio website

The website you're browsing right now. I've used Next.js to build this website in order to improve SEO and because I wanted to learn it. I haven't used any styling libraries, instead I've written all the CSS by myself.


A search engine which works on top of a dataset provided by the user itself. Users can provide URLs to be indexed and the search engine will only perform search queries on the given webpages. This is a great tool for creating and maintaining notebooks as you can use this notebook just like you use Google.


A social media platform for my college students to share their profile and learnings amongst other college students. The website lets you share your tech stack and resources you've used to learn what you know already. This helps people with similar interests to know what others are learning and what resources are they using.

Just Gaming Laptops

A recommendation system to suggest user laptops based on their browser history. The website also has a search bar to search laptops based on their configurations. I mainly worked on the backend of this project, designing and implementing the APIs and having a basic understanding of the machine learning involved in the project.