Technical Blogs

With the very limited amount of knowledge and experience I have gained so far, here are some of the blogs that I have written explaining the technologies and principals I use myself while writing code.

👉 Contextualising identifiers in a system
2nd August 2023
In systems with myriad unique identifiers, each representing an essential entity, issues related to backtracking or context retention can escalate rapidly.
👉 Python w/ strict typechecker
23rd December 2022
Our job as a code-maintainer is to ensure that all of our code is type-safe before committing a change, and ensure the type-safety at the remote repository-level as well i.e. GitHub/GitLab.
👉 Go migrate from-express
30th October 2022
Go treats functions as first-class citizens so your HTTP setup is going to be just a bunch of functions.
👉 Simple Cookies with Node.js and any frontend JavaScript framework
26th March 2022
No more wandering from one Stackoverflow answer to another in search of workable cookies configurations with Node.js.
👉 How and why to use Docker as a package manager?
10th November 2021
You can simply create two Docker containers and run MongoDB v3.6 on one and MongoDB v4.4 on the other.
👉 How Docker can help you sleep well at night?
27th October 2021
This article is dedicated to these people, to enlighten them a whole new world of containerization.